A Process Planning Method and Data Format for Achieving Tolerances in Stereolithography

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Lynn, Charity M.
West, Aaron
Rosen, David W.

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When building parts in a stereolithography apparatus (SLA), the user is faced with many decis!ons regarding the setting of process variables. To 'achieve a set of tolera~ces as closely as pOSSIble, relationships between part geometry, tolerances, and process v~nables ~ust be understood quantitatively. This paper presents a method for SLA process plannIng that IS based on response surface methodology and multi-objective optimization, where the response surfaces capture these relationships. These response surfaces were generated by extensive design-of-experiment studies for a variety of geometries. An annotated STL data format is also presented that enables the inclusion of tolerance and surface information in fatetted representations. Application of the data format and process planning method is illustrated on one part.


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