Viage y naufragios del Macedonio de Juan Baptista de Loyola : a critical edition




Loyola, Juan Bautista de
Williams, John Dowell, 1902-

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The text of Juan Bautista de Loyola's Viage y naufragios del Macedonio has been reproduced from photostats of a well preserved copy of the novel in the Library of the Hispanic Society of America. Evident errors as well as occasional imperfections have been indicated in both the text and footnotes in the conventional manner. The sixteenth-century spelling has been retained intact, but the punctuation and capitalization have been modernized, the long sentences have been shortened, wherever possible, and the prose passages have been revised with regard to paragraphs. Abbreviations such as q and co have not been retained. Explanations concerning language, syntax, orthography, Latinisms, proverbs, mythology, and historical, geographical, and proper names have been made in the footnotes of the text whenever the editor felt that these items needed comment