Towards High-Quality Selective Beam Melting Technologies: Modeling and Experiments of Single Track Formations

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Yan, Wentao
Ge, Wenjun
Smith, Jacob
Wagner, Gregory
Lin, Feng
Kam Liu, Wing

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive manufacturing technologies are promising but still not widely used. One major problem is the unsatisfying quality e.g. surface roughness and dimensional accuracy. The discontinuous droplets and distortions in single track formations, which influence both surface roughness and dimensional accuracy, were investigated. The physical mechanisms of the formations of the droplets and distortions were proposed and the heat transfer simulations based on the Finite Element Method were established to predict the possibility of the droplet formation and the magnitude of the distortion. Experiments using Electron Beam Melting were then conducted to validate the physical and numerical models. The good agreements of the simulated and experimental results demonstrated that the proposed models are simple and efficient to provide quantitative predictions of the distortions.


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