Process Insight About LOM Systems

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Chi, Chen

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A Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) machine offers much freedom in terms ofsystem parameters: laser cutting speed, laser power setting, roller speed, roller temperature, and so on. Because ofthis freedom, users can choose any number, within certain limitations, to create wellconstructed objects. Obviously, each user has a different definition for the quality of an object. Therefore this freedom has induced some confusion. Most commonly, each customer has his own preferred parameter data sets. These sets may not be the same but they are good sets. We need to devise a method as a guideline for system parameters to ensure a consistency in the construction of objects. We have been studying actual laser power at different cutting speeds, actual cutting curves and bonding curves for different materials, actual temperature distribution, etc. These results have helped us find a proper way to set system parameters so that any user can run LOM machines without difficulty and confusion. The research methodology and results are elaborated in this paper.


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