Guidelines for the Specification of Models to be Used in Design-Oriented Simulations

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Ali, M. H.
Dougal, R. A
Steurer, M
Graber, L
Ciezki, J
Andrus, M
Infante, D
Hebner, R. E
Ouroua, A
Weeks, D.

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Simulation-based design requires models at many levels of detail. In the early stages, models must approximate the coarse behavior of the system across many domains – power, efficiency, cost, size, and weight. In later stages, the models must represent the system with increasing accuracy – including dynamic performance, controllability, and other more-subtle manifestations. In this work, we focus on specification of the models for a simulation-based design of ship power systems. We address the issues of levels of detail in models, definition of model ports to support substitution of models at increasing levels of detail, and the application of multiple analyses to one set of simulation models. Eventually, we tackle very detailed issues such as insulation coordination and grounding scheme that are not at all important in the conceptual stages of design.


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M.H. Ali, R.A. Dougal, M. Steurer, L. Graber, J. Ciezki, M. Andrus, D. Infante, R.E. Hebner, A. Ouroua, and D. Weeks, “Guidelines for the specification of models to be used in design-oriented simulations,” Proc. Grand Challenges in Modeling & Simulation (GCMS2010), Part of the International Simulation Multiconference (ISMC’10), Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14, 2010, pp. 367-374.