Contextualizing impermanence : reevaluating the planning paradigms of Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

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Bashar, Samira Binte

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The current planning paradigms of Rohingya refugee camps lie at the intersection of impermanence and adhocracy. This study seeks to explore the extent to which adhocracy has contributed to a strategy of impermanence in the Rohingya refugee camp, and how adhocracy has limited recognition of the human rights of Rohingya refugees and served to discount the spirit of the Rohingya community as reflected in their everyday practices. The study underscores the fact that refugees are seen as subjects of exclusion, blurring the line between permanence and impermanence in the planning domain. Also, by pursuing strategies of negotiation and appropriation of space as part of everyday practices, Rohingya refugees do not accept their status as refugees nor do they wish to be incorporated into the host community.


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