Praxis, Volume 11, No. 01: Special Issue




Gray, Jennifer P.
Ballingall, Timothy
Bitzel, Alanna
Naydan, Liliana M.
Scott, Marc
Hug, Alyssa-Rae
Bahrainwala, Lamiyah
Austin Roger
Smyczek, Jeremy

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Contents: From the Editors / by Sarah Orem and Jacob Pietsch -- Translating Normalcy: Tutors Navigating Spaces Between Expectations and Experiences for Non-Traditional Students / by Jennifer P. Gray -- A Hybrid Discussion of Multiliteracy and Identity Politics / by Timothy Ballingall -- Who Are "We"? Examining Identity Using the Multiple Dimensions of Identity Model / by Alanna Bitzel -- Just Writing Center Work in the Digital Age: De Factor Multiliteracy Centers in Dialogue with Questions of Social Justice / by Liliana M Naydan -- The Right Time and Proper Measure: Assessing in Writing Centers and James Kinneavy's "Kairos": A Neglected Concept in Classical Rhetoric / by Marc Scott -- Two's Company, Three's A Conversation: A Study of Dialogue Among a Professor, A Peer-Writing Fellow, and Undergraduate Around Feedback and Writing / by Allisa-Rae Hug -- "Should I Take Notes as you Brainstorm?" Examining Consultants' In-Session Notes / by Lamiyah Bahrainwala -- Review: A Synthesis of Qualitative Studies of Writing Center Tutoring / by Roger Austin -- Review: Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers / by Jeremy Smyczek

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