Towards an ecological model for supporting teachers : a proposal for a study estimating the effect of a trauma-informed psychoeducational group intervention on reducing teacher stress




Bauer, Travis Duane

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Continued documentation of teacher stress among U.S. educators necessitates further research to meet their needs. Toxic stress—a debilitating stress response often triggered when exposed to effects of another’s trauma—has been identified as a driver for teacher stress, yet few researchers have conceptualized adequate interventions for them. The following proposal presents a trauma-informed psychoeducational group for secondary school teachers in Central Texas. Its purpose will be to examine the effect of trauma education on levels of stress, trauma awareness, and help-seeking among educators when compared to a control group. Paired t-tests will be used to determine any statistically significant differences between group means on outcome variables. Qualitative and quantitative analyses were used to examine results from a pilot version of the proposed study, the results of which are discussed in terms of future directions for trauma-informed group work with teachers


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