Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing of Aluminum

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Gu, Jianglong
Cong, Baoqiang
Ding, Jialuo
Williams, Stewart W.
Zhai, Yuchun

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University of Texas at Austin


Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing is very suitable for the production of large scale aluminium parts. However implementation is currently limited by issues such as porosity and low mechanical properties. We have studied the utilization of new deposition processes such as pulsed advanced cold metal transfer which allows modification of the thermal profile resulting in refined equiaxed microstructure and elimination of porosity. Standard and new feedstock compositions are being evaluated and developed with ultimate tensile strengths of up to 260 MPa with 17% elongation being obtained in the as-deposited condition. Post build heat treatments compositional changes and high-pressure inter-pass rolling are being investigated in order to increase the strength further.


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