Gaseous reactions produced by high frequency discharges : effects due to variations in frequency




Swearingen, Judson S.

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A method is described for producing an intense electron bombardment the same as that found in the glow discharge but without ion bombardments. This is done by controlling the frequency of the discharge current. Results are given for its effect upon carbon dioxide, ammonia and water vapor. Carbon dioxide came to equilibrium at a point where it was 80 percent decomposed. Ammonia was completely decomposed. Water vapor decomposition varied with the intensity of the discharge. 20 percent decomposition was attained. The effect of the change of frequency upon the course of the reaction is given. It is shown that the onset of any change due to the bombardments by ions as the frequency is lowered should be gradual. The change was found to be sudden, however. No theory is advance for this. A convenient apparatus for rapid running of micro analyses is described. The preparation of several reagents for use in this device is given