Museum educators conceptualizations : teaching social studies through art




Krueger, Justin Heath

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This case study on museum educators examined how they conceptualize and actualize their efforts in teaching for social justice and about social studies through the engagement of works of art. The study utilized research on museum and memory studies, activity theory, and aesthetic education to situate the findings. Interview participants included museum educators (both museum employees and volunteers) of the education department at the Arlen Museum of Art. Because of protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic interviews were conducted via Zoom.
Each museum educator elucidated on their gallery teaching and discussed the negotiations and decisions present in their efforts. Interview data was gathered through semi-structured interviews. My findings suggest that museum spaces and museum educators illustrate significant possibilities for both learning outside of formal classroom settings and also for how teachers can engage works of art in their own classrooms with more critical intentionality. This study also highlighted works of art and the different ways in which the educators utilized them to engage students in necessary conversations of social importance.


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