The Relationship of Process Characteristics of Stereolithography to Prototype Dimensions

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Cariapa, V.
Liang, S.K.
Brower, W.E.

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A characteristic of the modem·day world is a continuous need ever changing designs of high quality products. This characteristic, along>with lower cost of comp.iting,has led to the development of novel methods for reducing the cycle time of product development order for companies to gameracompetitiveedge.I>esk top. manufacturing or rapid prototyping such fieldoftechl1()logywhich• enablesco.mpaniesto rapidlyproduee.a three· dimension<model from a computer data base. An overview of this rapidly expanding field is given in IS Among the more common ofthese modem processes arestereolithography (SLI) [2,3], the DTM process [6], powder metallurgyprototyping [4], and metal spraying of stereolithography pam [8]. An overview ofthe stereolithographyprocess has been presented in [3]. process characteristics and a generalprojection oftoleraneevalues of finished been identified in [1,7]. However, the relationship between the two has the available literature. This research focuses on· developing a more quantitative understanding of important process parameters and dimensions of finished pam that are using stereolithography.


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