An Experimental Determination of Optimum Foil Joint Conditions for Structural Parts Fabricated by Ultrasonic Consolidation

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Obielodan, J.O.
Janaki Ram, G.D.
Stucker, B.E.

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This paper describes an investigation of the optimum conditions necessary to eliminate defects at foil joints in parts fabricated by ultrasonic consolidation. Tensile test specimens were fabricated with different foil joint conditions of varying degrees of overlap in the deposition layers. They were subjected to tensile tests to determine their mechanical properties. Microstructures of samples were also studied. Experimental results show correlations between foil joint condition and mechanical strength. Sample microstructures also show correlations between the bonding qualities of the foil joints and the strengths obtained. The study highlights an important process parameter to control for fabrication of defect free structural members by ultrasonic consolidation.


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