Library Training in Data Research




Vaidhyanathan, Vedana
Chan-Park, Christina
Been, Joshua

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Students and researchers in health-related fields increasingly need to find, analyze, and manage data; but they often lack the skills to do so properly. The library has created a library-driven data certificate program in data research to meet this need. The digital scholarship librarian along with the data management librarian partnered with librarians who work with the health sciences, social sciences, medical humanities, administration programs to pilot this certificate beginning Fall 2018. This team of librarians created a series of workshops covering finding discipline-specific data, analytical tools, and data management. Two tracks with slightly different requirements were outlined: one for undergraduates and one for graduate students and faculty. To allow for greater flexibility, the certificate is designed to be completed between one and four semesters, and participants can pick the most relevant workshops for their research. The workshops are not tied to the certificate program and are open to anyone in the university community. We initially expect 10% of the workshop attendees will pursue the library certificate.



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