Predictive Iterative Learning Control with Data-Driven Model for Optimal Laser Power in Selective Laser Sintering

Nettekoven, A.
Fish, S.
Topcu, U.
Beaman, J.
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University of Texas at Austin

Building high quality parts is still a key challenge for Selective Laser Sintering machines today due to a lack of sufficient process control. In order to improve process control, we propose a Predictive Iterative Learning Control (PILC) controller that minimizes the deviation of the postsintering temperature profile of a newly scanned part from a desired temperature. The controller does this by finding an optimal laser power profile and applying it to the plant in a feedforward manner. The PILC controller leverages machine learning models that accurately capture the process’ temperature dynamics based on in-situ measurement data while still guaranteeing low computational cost. We demonstrate the controller’s performance in regards to the control objective with heat transfer simulations by comparing the PILC-controlled laser power profiles to constant laser power profiles.