Adaptive Slicing for Multi-Axis Hybrid Plasma Deposition and Milling

Xiangping, Wang
Haiou, Zhang
Guilan, Wang
Lingpeng, Wu
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University of Texas at Austin

Hybrid Plasma Deposition and Milling (HPDM), a five-axis manufacturing system integrated material additive and subtractive processes, can be used to create overhang metallic components directly without the usage of sacrificial support structure. Different from conventional slicing methods, a new slicing algorithm with changeable direction and thickness is proposed in this paper. Minimal overhang length is selected as the objective function to optimize the build direction. The thickness is adjusted to meet allowable overhang length and allowable cups height. The input mesh is first decomposed into non-uniform thickness segment meshes and then each segment is cut into uniform thickness slices. The output slices consist of split slices between two adjacent segment meshes and inner slices for each segment mesh. Examples and analyses confirm the feasibility and effectiveness.