An economic survey of a Texas cotton plantation as to tenantry, tenancy, and management




Elliott, Edwin Alexander

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This study of a Texas cotton plantation is the outgrowth of an interest resulting from ten years of intimate and pleasant contact with the owners, managers, and tenantry of the plantation which is made the subject of investigation. Since cotton raising, cotton ginning, cotton marketing, cattle raising, and a system of merchandising are included among its economic activities, a study of the system employed thereon--a system which occupies a peculiar place in the larger system of land tenantry--reveals, both from the standpoint of its owners and its tenantry, problems of considerable economic interest. The purpose of the study, which is mainly descriptive, is (1) to trace the development of this estate from its first settlement to its present status; (2) to describe the people who occupy it, with emphasis upon their economic status and their relationship with the management; (3) to set forth in detail the economic practices of both management and tenantry; and (4) to discuss, without drawing any general conclusions regarding either estate management, land tenancy, or tenantry, the adequacy, both from the standpoint of the interests of the owners and from that of the tenantry, of the system described