Corporate productivity program : purpose and characterization

Gaddy, Cameron Patrick
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Productivity improvement within the construction industry is a critical aspect of successful project implementation. Specific productivity practices have demonstrated improvements at the activity, trade, and project levels. However, results have been inconsistent and have not created significant productivity gains at the corporate or industry levels. This research studies the productivity challenge from the corporate level that influences entire project portfolios. The objective was to characterize and assess Corporate Productivity Programs, which are comprised of the people, processes, and technologies that support an organization’s productivity improvement efforts. This study developed a framework to characterize Corporate Productivity Programs centered on their Elements and a method to evaluate programs based on the implementation of measurable Actions that lead to increased productivity practice utilization. Through improving the Corporate Productivity Program, a company should have increased utilization and consistency with implementation of productivity practices. These systemic productivity improvements have the potential to improve performance and predictability for portfolio management in the multi-trillion-dollar construction industry.