The geology of Texas : stratigraphy

Sellards, E.H.
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University of Texas at Austin

In1916 the Bureau of Economic Geology issued The University of Texas Bulletin 44, Review of the Geology of Texas, by J. A.Udden, Emil Bose, and C. L. Baker. This publication, accompanied by a geologic map of the state, printed in 1916 and reprinted with some revision in 1919, served a very important purpose in distributing information on the geology of Texas. The present publication, like its predecessor, is written to serve as a general compendium on Texas geology in which is given a generalized account of the geology of the state. In a publication of this kind the authors become indebted to so many persons and sources of information that it is impossible to make full acknowledgment. Abibliography has been included and the sources of information, in so far as practicable, have been indicated. Partial reference to the literature is given in the text and footnotes. More complete reference will be found under appropriate headings in the subject index which follows the bibliography. Particular acknowledgment is made for the use of manuscripts in advance of publication kindly contributed by several authors as indicated in the text. The report is written to accompany the new geologic map of the state on the scale 1:500,000 prepared by the United States Geological Survey in cooperation with the Bureau of Economic Geology and other agencies in the state. A smaller map, scale 1:2,000,000, adapted from the larger map, is included with this volume. The date of publication originally assigned to The University of Texas Bulletin No. 3232 was August, 1932, and this date, accordingly, appears on the title page. However, owing to various delays, printing was not completed and the publication distributed until July, 1933. The geologic map, likewise, was submittted to the engraver July, 1933.