A stakeholder-focused, emotion-driven model of social media secondary crisis communication : exploring how consumers emotionally cope with a brand crisis news on social media




Lim, Ha Young

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Given the rapidly changing social media environment and its influence on crisis communication process, this dissertation seeks to develop a model for emotion-driven secondary crisis communication on social media, demonstrating how stakeholders emotionally engage with a crisis in social media environments, from the moment of processing crisis news to engaging in secondary crisis communication themselves, depending on individual factors such as crisis involvement and identifying relationship with an organization. First, this research developed the scale for measuring consumers’ crisis emotions in brand crises by identifying 12 crisis emotions that consumers experience from brand corporate crises and conceptualizing the three crisis emotion clusters, namely (1) attribution-independent (AI) emotions including anxiety, apprehension and fear, (2) external-attribution-dependent (EAD) emotions including anxiety, contempt, disgust, disappointment, sadness, and sympathy, and (3) internal-attribution-dependent (IAD) emotions including embarrassment, guilt, and shame. In demonstrating the underlying psychological process of emotion-driven secondary crisis communication on social media addition, this study identified the role of a need for emotional venting that mediates the relationship between crisis emotions and intention to engage in secondary crisis communication on social media. In addition, this study found the differential effects of two stakeholder factors (crisis involvement and brand identification) on crisis emotions and secondary crisis communication on social media. Furthermore, this study articulates how social information of the crisis news (i.e., the number of likes, comments, and shares) affects consumers’ perceived intensity of secondary crisis communication and intention to engage in secondary crisis communication as well as crisis emotions. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.



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