"Artificial upwelling" progress, 1976-1977 (preliminary)




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This preliminary progress report describes what was accomplished since July 1, 1976, under Sea Grant support, on the "Artificial Upwelling" mariculture project. During this year we have started a pilot demonstration plant, operated on the basis of the best information we had collected previously. We subjected this pilot operation to a set of observations to verify the validity of our method of operation. A series of developmental research studies were undertaken, to increase our understanding, or improve the productivity, of the processes involved. The "inputs" on which the pilot plant operation is based are summarized in a technical description. The procedures which were applied in all phases of our effort have been identified. The data collected, both as a result of observations and of research studies, have been subjected to an initial analysis. The final output of this program is the substantiation of our aquaculture budget generator program, which now provides us with guidance as to the economically critical aspects of our project, and will ultimately provide us with the rationale for further development.
April 1977
Work supported by National Sea Grant Program, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Sea Grant Project no. 04-6-158-44117