The Chemical Abundances Of Stars In The Halo (CASH) Project. II. A Sample Of 14 Extremely Metal-Poor Stars




Hollek, Julie K.
Frebel, Anna
Roederer, Ian U.
Sneden, Christopher
Shetrone, Matthew
Beers, Timothy C.
Kang, Sung-Ju
Thom, Christopher

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We present a comprehensive abundance analysis of 20 elements for 16 new low-metallicity stars from the Chemical Abundances of Stars in the Halo (CASH) project. The abundances have been derived from both Hobby-Eberly Telescope High Resolution Spectrograph snapshot spectra (R similar to 15,000) and corresponding high-resolution (R similar to 35,000) Magellan Inamori Kyocera Echelle spectra. The stars span a metallicity range from [Fe/H] from -2.9 to -3.9, including four new stars with [Fe/H] < -3.7. We find four stars to be carbon-enhanced metal-poor (CEMP) stars, confirming the trend of increasing [C/Fe] abundance ratios with decreasing metallicity. Two of these objects can be classified as CEMP-no stars, adding to the growing number of these objects at [Fe/H]< -3. We also find four neutron-capture-enhanced stars in the sample, one of which has [Eu/Fe] of 0.8 with clear r-process signatures. These pilot sample stars are the most metal-poor ([Fe/H] less than or similar to -3.0) of the brightest stars included in CASH and are used to calibrate a newly developed, automated stellar parameter and abundance determination pipeline. This code will be used for the entire similar to 500 star CASH snapshot sample. We find that the pipeline results are statistically identical for snapshot spectra when compared to a traditional, manual analysis from a high-resolution spectrum.



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Hollek, Julie K., Anna Frebel, Ian U. Roederer, Christopher Sneden, Matthew Shetrone, Timothy C. Beers, Sung-ju Kang, and Christopher Thom. "The Chemical Abundances of Stars in the Halo (CASH) Project. II. A Sample of 14 Extremely Metal-poor Stars." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 742, No. 1 (Nov., 2011): 54.