Implementation of verification methodologies




Shaikh, Sharukh Shahajahan

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The increasing complexity of design elevates the importance of verification. This report explores different verification methodologies. The second chapter emphasizes the importance of testability and establishes the synthesis and DFT insertion flow using an SoC with ARM-Amber core as an example. Also, formal equivalence check is performed between the golden model, that is, RTL against its netlist. The third chapter delineates the design and formal verification of an Arbiter with APB slave configuration port. The design is extensively verified by writing SystemVerilog properties and we learn that the verification is only as good as the properties. Fourth chapter further explores formal verification with a different approach. The implemented x86 execution unit is formally verified by developing the its reference model and writing simple equality assertion checks. This approach exploits both, completeness of formal as well as includes the UVM reference model which reduces the long list of properties required for formal. The last chapter provides an approach to identify the critical registers in design. The critical flops in the design as a subset of all the registers which may have the most effect on the control flow of a module. This finds application in selecting the relevant auto-generated properties.


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