Applications of GIS Methods for Environmental Learning in South Texas




Young, Lauren P.
Smith, Elizabeth

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With the application of GIS being utilized in a variety of disciplines, it is appropriate that these new techniques should be incorporated into the classroom. In developing strategies for teaching with GIS in geography, earth science, and environmental studies in South Texas, teachers are offered another opportunity for innovative techniques to reach their students. By using an expanded approach from the ESRI book, Mapping Our World-GIS Lessons for Educators, selected topics will be presented to illustrate the design, development, and application of the approach. The following topics are targeted for development within the project: introductory GIS skills, climate, hydrology, wetlands, migratory birds, fisheries, and vegetation using regional and local datasets. This specialized learning experience will allow rural communities to increase their regional geographic knowledge, while also integrating state knowledge skills required at each grade level.



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