Review of Current Problems and Developments in Large Area Additive Manufacturing (LAAM)

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Crisp, Tyler G.
Weaver, Jason M.

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University of Texas at Austin


Large Area Additive Manufacturing (LAAM), also known as Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), is a screw extrusion, pellet-fed additive manufacturing technology. The large build area, rapid build speed, and inexpensive pelletized feedstock of LAAM are major advantages over conventional AM methods. LAAM has a large variety of applications in areas including energy, automotive, aerospace, high volume production, and composite molds. However, LAAM is not without its challenges. The largest challenges LAAM faces include mechanical properties, uniformity and precision, and predictability of composite material properties. The goal of this paper is to present current research regarding challenges in LAAM, methods of addressing those challenges, developments, and applications, as well to highlight further research to be done.


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