Computer Generation of Metal Components by Simultaneous Deposition of Mould, Cores and Part

Mohebi, Masoud M.
Yang, Shoufeng
Evans, Julian R. G.
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A new solid freeforming method based on co-delivery of mould powder materials and part powder materials using vibration-controlled, dry powder valves is presented in this paper. Thin layers of stainless steel powder are delivered to the forming area according to the cross-section of the CAD file to produce the component. Mould powder which has low sinterability is delivered to the non-forming areas of the same layer. All powders are delivered by computer-controlled, acoustic powder valves. The flow rate and switching of the valves provides the composition and shape control during fabrication. The stacked layers of loose powder are then sintered in a conventional furnace. The mould materials are removed after sintering. This method avoids the high thermal stress problem in selective laser sintering, avoids high capitalisation, makes use of conventional furnaces and allows for the incorporation of three dimensional function gradients. Test pieces including step wedge and Spierpinski’s cube were fabricated. Advantages, limitations and problems are discussed.