Floodplain Analyses and Drilling Reports for Camps Barkeley, Bowie, Mabry, Maxey, and Swift and Fort Wolters

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The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) is conducting hydrologic and hydrogeologic studies of Texas National Guard training facilities at Camps Barkeley, Bowie, Mabry, Maxey, and Swift and Fort Wolters. These investigations, in conjunction with aquatic and biological surveys conducted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, will provide information needed by the Texas National Guard to plan training and preparedness activities such that environmental resources will be protected and enhanced without compromising national security readiness. This report presents interim results on floodplain analysis and drilling activities. Floodplain analysis results include 100-year rainfalls, 100-year flood hydrographs at camp and fort outlets, and maps of the 100-year floodplain at each training facility. Our drilling results include well schematics, well schedules, and location maps. Results are reported in 6 sections with each section discussing the drilling reports and floodplain mapping for an individual training facility. The methods section contains details about the procedures used to drill and complete the wells and map the floodplains.


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