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Germany, Lisa

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: W. F. Holt House (Frederick Thomas Harris, 1903) (Redlands, California) ; Hollyhock House (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1917) (Los Angeles, California) ; Schindler House (Rudolph M. Schindler, 1921) (Los Angeles, California) ; Jardinette Apartments (Richard Joseph Neutra, 1927-1928) (Los Angeles, California) ; Lovell Health House (Richard Joseph Neutra, 1929) (Los Angeles, California) ; Pauline Lowe House (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1933) (Altadena, California) ; General Electric Small House (unbuilt) (Paul Schweikher and Theodore W. Lamb, 1934) ; Fellowship Park House (Harris House) (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1935) (Los Angeles, California) ; Byron Pumphrey House (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1939) (Santa Monica, California) ; Weston Havens House (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1939-1940) (Berkeley, California) ; Harold English House (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1948-1950) (Beverly Hills, California) ; Alvin Ray House (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1950) (Fallbrook, California) ; Harris Office and Residence (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1968) (Raleigh, North Carolina)

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