Method and apparatus for electromagnetic powder deposition

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William F. Weldon
Raymond C. Zowarka, Jr.
Robert L. Sledge, II
James L. Bacon
Darwin G. Davis
Robert J. Polizzi
John R. Uglum, Jr.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


The present invention provides a method for depositing powder particles on a substrate. The method comprises forming a planar plasma armature, accelerating the plasma armature, accelerating a column of gas with the plasma armature; and accelerating the powder particles with the column of gas. The present invention provides for a railgun, comprising first and second conducting rails, and first and second insulating rails. The insulating and conducting rails form a bore of the railgun. The first and second conducting rails are separated by the insulating rails. At least one of the rails has a port in the wall thereof, the port is adapted to introducing powder particles into the bore.



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