Alternative Approach on an In-Situ Analysis of the Thermal Progression During the LPBF-M Process Using Welded Thermocouples Embedded into the Substrate Plate

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Schnell, N.
Siewert, M.
Kleszczynski, S.
Witt, G.
Ploshikhin, V.

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University of Texas at Austin


Laser powder bed fusion (LPBF-M) is a very potent technology for creating highly individualized, complex, and functional metal parts. One of the major influencing factors is the thermal progression. It significantly determines size accuracy, microstructure and process stability. Therefore, creating an enhanced understanding of thermal phenomena through measurements and simulations is crucial to increase the reliability of the technology. Current research is mainly based on temperature measurements of the upper layer, leaving major scope for the conditions at the substrate-part-interface. This area is of utmost technical importance because it serves as the main heat sink. Insufficient heat dissipation leads to accumulations of heat, deformations, and process breakdowns. This contribution presents a simple and flexible method to analyze the thermal progression close to the part inside the substrate plate. The acquired data shows very high consistency. Additionally, the results are compared to a model created using an ISEMP developed FEM-Software which shows promising results for validation studies.


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