Summary Report for the 2002-2003 STATEMAP Project: Geological Mapping to Support Improved Database Development and Understanding of Urban Corridors and Critical Aquifers of Texas



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This Texas STATEMAP project involves geologic mapping of a portion of the Seymour aquifer of North-Central Texas (Fig. 1). The "Geologic Map of Seymour Aquifer Deposits, Vernon, Texas, 30 x 60 Minute Quadrangle," the deliverable for this 2002-2003 contract year, addresses groundwater-resource issues related to the aquifer. The map and related geologic data are intended for a diverse audience, including geologists, hydrologists, engineers, students, and laypersons. Uses include (a) identifying aquifer recharge boundaries, (b) characterizing attributes and variations within the aquifer strata, and (c) providing information necessary for land-use activities such as locating landfills and other waste-disposal sites. The map and related geologic data can also be used with Seymour aquifer information to analyze the aquifer's groundwater flow and response to pumpage and recharge for future water-management decisions. The aquifer has been an important source of water for irrigation, municipal pumpage, and industrial and livestock use in the area.


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