An investigation of the sources of power and legal responsibility of the superintendent in the independent school districts of Texas




Sahm, Edgar Arthur, 1894-

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The purpose of this study is to clarify the extra-legal nature of the superintendent and to point out the sources of authority by virtue of which he discharges the duties of his office. While some legislation has been enacted for the management and control of the public schools, the legal status of the superintendent is uncertain. This is particularly true in Texas, the state to which this investigation is confined. In America, the city or district superintendent, unlike most public officers, did not result from legislative action but came as the product of gradual evolution dictated by the needs of the schools as they grew in size and service. Employed by the board of education, the superintendent at first performed such ministerial duties as were assigned to him. Gradually these functions increased in number and importance as time went by. Today they vary from practically no duties at all to the extensive administrative program found in the large cities. The end has not yet been attained. As public education expands school control will loom ever larger and more technical. As it does so the legal aspects will become more important. For that reason this investigation proposes to determine the superintendent's legal status in Texas at this time