Structural performance of ASR/DEF damaged prestressed concrete trapezoidal box beams with dapped ends

Larson, Nancy Anne, 1986-
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Across the State of Texas and many other areas of the world, relatively young concrete structures have developed signs of premature concrete deterioration. Large cracks form on the surface of the concrete due to expansive forces from alkali-silica reaction (ASR) and delayed-ettringite formation (DEF). The goal of this project is to assess the effect of ASR/DEF on the trapezoidal box beam bridges in the US 59 corridor and Katy Central Business District (CBD) HOV lanes in Houston, TX. Five dapped-end beams were rejected during the casting process and have been in storage at a local precast yard for nearly fifteen years. These beams have been subject to accelerated deterioration and represent the potential severity of the ongoing ASR/DEF distress within the dapped end regions of the in-service trapezoidal box beams. The results from five load tests, corresponding strut-and-tie models, and forensic investigation are used to provide insights into the relationship between the severity of the deterioration and the capacity margin.