Summary Report for the 1997-1998 STATEMAP Project: Geological Mapping to Support Improved Data Base Development and Understanding of Critical Aquifers of Texas

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This Texas STATEMAP project involves the geologic mapping of areas where improved geologic information can impact development, land use, public education, environmental protection, and the economy. The study is divided into two subprojects. Work for subproject 1 deals with the second year of mapping for a three-year mapping study of karst aquifer areas undergoing rapid urban growth along the Edwards aquifer and recharge zone. Three map areas are included in subproject 1: West San Antonio, Austin-Georgetown, and Del Rio (fig. 1). These areas include some of the fastest-growing urban areas in Texas. Development of this area has been further stimulated by NAFTA because the region is traversed by major transportation routes from Mexico. Part of the Edwards aquifer is currently the sole-source aquifer of San Antonio. Geologic maps of subproject 1 areas provide basic information necessary for managing water and land resources and construction practices.


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