Inclined shear reinforcement in reinforced concrete slab-column connections

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Glikman, Mario

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Reinforced concrete flat slabs are widely used in modern infrastructure. Due to their comparatively simple construction, flat slabs have become especially prevalent in mid- to high-rise buildings. The performance of slab-column connections has been critically studied over the last several decades by researchers aiming to better understand the behavior of flat slabs subjected to punching shear loading conditions. As a result, the use of slab shear reinforcement has emerged as a practical strategy to improve both the strength and ductility of reinforced concrete flat slabs. The primary objective of this research study was to investigate the behavior of reinforced concrete slab-column connections employing a novel shear reinforcement system consisting of inclined deformed steel reinforcing bars. Results are presented from an experimental program conducted at the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory of The University of Texas at Austin. The results show that a premature failure attributed to inadequate shear reinforcement anchorage controlled the performance of the strengthened slabs. Lastly, a study of the bond stress development in the slab shear reinforcement was carried out to investigate whether this anchorage-driven failure can be captured using different provisions currently available for the assessment of reinforced concrete flat slabs.


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