Resolución 0229-DPJUJ-06

Galarza, Victor
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This three-page document is from the Defensor del Pueblo de la Provincia de Jujuy (Provincial Ombudsman’s office of JuJuy). It is a resolution recommending that the Secretary of Health of the Province of Jujuy arrange for Omar and Julio García to be treated for lead poisoning, that someone from the former foundry Fundidora Metalhuasi remove the slag and other industrial waste from Abra Pampa, that the Provincial Director of Environment and Natural Resources exercise its power to punish activities that degrade the environment and to propose to the governor of the province declaring Abra Pampa an area of environmental risk, that the Minister of Production and Environment enforce the environmental rules in place, that the Mayor of Abra Pampa be reminded to strictly comply with the provisions of Law #5063, that the documentation of “Actuación No. 00975/05” and this resolution be made into a Special Report and presented to the President of the Provincial Legislature and to the legislature’s President of the Commission on Ecology, Natural Resources, and Human Environment, that interested parties should be notified of this Resolution, and that the Resolution be registered, published, and added to the Annual Report of the Legislature.