The Development and Evaluation of the Global Gravity Model GGM05

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Ries, John
Bettadpur, Srinivas
Eanes, Richard
Kang, Zhigui
Ko, Ung-dai
McCullough, Christopher
Nagel, Peter
Pie, Nadege
Poole, Steve
Richter, Thomas

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The GGM05 model suite consists of three mean Earth gravity field models: 1) GGM05S based only on GRACE data, 2) GGM05G based on the combination of GRACE and GOCE, and 3) GGM05C based on the combination of GGM05G and surface gravity data. GGM05S and GGM05G are not conditioned by any apriori constraint, and so generally should be truncated or smoothed for most applications. GGM05C is essentially the same as GGM05G but with the higher degrees controlled by the introduction of surface gravity information. The details of each model are described in terms of development and performance.


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