Nae Ionescu's Philosophy of Religion: a translation and commentary



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This thesis is a full translation of one of Romanian philosopher Nae Ionescu’s earliest university courses, The Philosophy of Religion (1925), along with preliminary critical commentaries on the first four chapters (or lecture days), which form the groundwork for the rest of Ionescu’s course. The translation has been performed without the aid of any kind of translation software, AI or otherwise. The four critical commentaries that precede the translation argue that Ionescu is idiosyncratically employing a highly theologized, crypto-ontological Platonic phenomenology in his ostensible philosophy of religion, thereby manipulating a version of phenomenology to his own dubious ends. As such, this piece is meant to help begin a meaningful conversation about Nae Ionescu’s direct and highly problematic influence on the thought of his most famous disciple, Mircea Eliade.


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