Ranking Model for 3D Printing

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Perez, Mireya A.
Ramos, Jorge
Espalin, David
Hossain, Mohammad S.
Wicker, Ryan B.

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University of Texas at Austin


The capabilities of desktop additive manufacturing (AM) machines were evaluated based on the ability to produce a standard component. This work also developed a model/method for evaluating and ranking AM technologies based on select criteria that can facilitate purchasing decisions. A standard part was adapted and printed on each machine, and evaluated in various ways to provide machine-specific input data for the model. The research highlights the differences between AM units and suggests a method by which to evaluate the differences. With the rapid proliferation of desktop additive manufacturing units, a quantitative ranking system was developed to rate these units so that the consumer, for example, can use this model to assist with decision making during purchase. Although the focus of the work was on desktop systems, the approach can be applied across other AM technologies.


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