A Limited -Scale Expeirmental Invstigation of the Unit Cell Topology Effects on Interpenetrating Cellular Structures




Roe, Matthew
Yang, Li

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The interpenetrating cellular structure is a novel recent design concept that has been subjected to some preliminary research efforts in recent years. As there still exist relatively limited understanding of such design concept, the current work aimed to provide additional insights via experimental-based study. Several baseline cellular unit cell structures that follow multiple cellular unit cell topology design rules were included in the study, in order to investigate whether there exist significant design relationships between the cellular topology pairing and the resulting performance of the interpenetrating structures. In general, the interpenetrating designs did not result in synergetic performance reinforcement with elastic modulus, ultimate strength or energy absorption, except for specific cases. In most cases, the local strut interaction between the two component cellular structures appear to exert negative effects on the properties of the interpenetrating structures. The results tentatively suggest the need of additional research with such concept.


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