Relation between continuous bioelectric currents and cell respiration




Marsh, Gordon

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[...] [W]e should expect the passage of an electric current through a group of cells to show the following: (1) That the electrical energy is absorbed by the cells, and that their inherent E.M.F. is modified in a definitely oriented fashion, depending upon the direction of flow of current ; (2) That currents of the order of magnitude of those produced by the cells themselves cause such modifications; (3) That the alteration of the inherent E.M.F. is fundamentally the same as the change in the voltage of a battery under conditions of charge or discharge. In the present investigation the onion root tip was employed as experimental material. We shall see below that the above expectations are fully realized
[...] The present investigation was undertaken to determine in what way mechanical stimuli affect the inherent E.M.F. of the onion root tip at the stimulated region, and whether there is transmission of excitation from the stimulated spot to distant parts of the root. As will be seen below, the inherent E.M.F. of the stimulated region becomes more negative, and there is no evidence of any propagated electrical effect