Decwar, Version 2.2




Hysick, Bob
Potter, Jeff

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DECWAR is a sophisticated real-time space battle game designed to be played by from 1 to 18 people on the DEC-10 model mainframe computer. The files represnted here were migrated from a Decus magnetic tape, and include only binary executables. Decwar was written at the University of Texas at Austin, primarily by Jeff Potter and Bob Hysick. DECWAR originated from a game called WAR, which came from the CDC-6600/6400 system at the University of Texas at Austin, author unknown. Robert Schneider re-wrote the original source on the CDC and started the transfer to the DEC-10. In the transfer process, the game was renamed to DECWAR, largely re-designed, and almost entirely re-written (in assembler language and Fortran), so that the current version bears little resemblance to the original. Almost all the commands were added once the game was on the DEC-10, as well as the basic concept of separate jobs controlling each ship, and most of the other features that make the game challenging, exciting, and enjoyable. The first version was installed on the DEC-10 in August 1978. After several revisions, a greatly enhanced and improved game, version 2.0, was installed in July 1979.


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