Operating Modes for Compulsator Based Electromagnetic Launcher Systems

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Pratap, S.B.
Kajs, J.P
Walls, W.A
Weldon, W.F
Kitzmiller, J.R
Murthy, S.K.

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The compensated pulsed alternator (compulsator) is a versatile power supply capable of interfacing with the electromagnetic launcher in various ways. The method that has been explored at length with several systems is the single phase option. Several variants of this option, some using advanced pulse shaping techniques, have been discussed in prior publications [I-3]. Besides this basic single pulse method of operating there are several other methods each with its pros and cons. The multi-phase option is discussed in this paper. Within the broad class of multi-phase systems there are further sub-classes, namely alternating current drive and unidirectional current drives. Thus the branching of these operating modes gives rise to a variety of operating modes. Each one of these operating modes is described and simulation results are presented.


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S.B. Pratap, J.P. Kajs, W.A. Walls, W.F. Weldon, J.R. Kitzmiller, S.K. Murthy, “Operating modes for compulsator based electromagnetic launcher systems,” Digest of Technical Papers, 10th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A., July 3-6, 1995, vol. 1, pp. 180-185.