Staged opening switch

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William F. Weldon
Raymond C. Zowarka, Jr.
Ben M. Rech

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


" A staged switch for conducting a large electrical current for an indefinite time period and then rapidly switching the current into a load circuit. The switch comprises a first stage which can conduct a large electrical current for an indefinite time period without damage to the stage and a second stage which is a fast-opening element. The first stage includes primary and secondary contacts wherein the primary contacts conduct a charging current and the secondary contacts divert the current into the fast-opening second stage. The secondary contacts ""make"" before the primary contacts ""break"", reducing the damage to the contacts which might otherwise be experienced. The second stage is a low-inductance element which reduces the level of energy absorbed by the first-stage contacts, minimizing damage to the contacts. The second-stage element may be constructed in a cartridge and may be loaded into the switch using an autoloader device. "



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