An evaluation of the classroom implementation of the Water Exploration Legacy Cycle : an online challenge-based educational program for Texas high school students




Mueller, Elizabeth Pelly

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In this paper we sought to evaluate the implementation of the Water Exploration Legacy Cycle, a research collaborative project developed by the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin and with support from the Texas Water Development Board. This project interviewed six teachers of the 22 science educators who attended a workshop to learn about the Legacy Cycle approach and how to implement the Water Exploration Legacy Cycle curriculum in August of 2010. The research involved a survey and a phone interview, both of which collected data on the training session, the teachers’ abilities to work with the Legacy Cycle within their curriculum, and obstacles they faced with full implementation of the program. Recommendations from this study will aid future developers in creating Legacy Cycle modules that are better adapted to high school classrooms.



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