Hybrid Curve Fitting for Reducing Motion Commands in Object Construction




Wade, Charles
Borish, Michael

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Existing slicing software for additive manufacturing typically requires a triangulated mesh as its input. Triangulated meshes are approximate representations of exact CAD models. Despite the loss in dimensional accuracy, triangulated meshes are used because they are computationally easier to cross-section and offset than the exact geometry in CAD format. When a triangulated object is prepared, the resulting machine instructions include only linear motion commands. Numerous modern motion controllers can move in arc and spline motions; however, the absence of slicing software that supports curvature prevents these commands from being leveraged. To address this limitation, this paper presents a method for the hybrid reconstruction of arcs and splines as a post-processing step to traditional slicing. This method can greatly reduce the number of motion commands required to construct an object by printing smooth curved surfaces. This concise representation of tool-pathing allows for more even extrusion and is computed without a major impact on slicing time.


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