Coal gasification in China : policies, innovation, and technology transfer

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Dai, Yue

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With its burgeoning energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), China is central to addressing the problem of climate change. As the world leader in GHG emissions for years, China is under tremendous international pressure in the fight against climate change. Focusing on China's coal-to-chemicals industriesa major user of coal and significant contributor to GHG and other emissions in Chinathis thesis seeks to explain how national policies have affected the deployment of coal gasification in China. The data and information for this thesis were mainly collected from interviews with experts from Chinese and U.S. companies, relevant government reports, and other Internet sources. First, I present the current state of energy consumption and the development status of related industries that are applying gasification technologies in China. I then present related policies and pilot projects for the development of gasification technology and analyze how these affect the Chinese gasification market. I analyze factors that have promoted a change in the mode of partnership between foreign firms and Chinese firms (from licensing contracts to joint ventures), and how joint ventures are enabling gasification technology transfer currently. Finally, I argue how the underlying conditions create drivers that promote gasification technology transfer despite China’s weak IP regime.



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