A Pavement Design and Management System for Forest Service Road : A Conceptual Study

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McGarragh, Thomas G.
Hudson, W. Ronald

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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies


The design of pavements for low-cost, low-volume roads is a complex procedure involving numerous variables. Because of the development of new information in the pavement field during the past decade, the complexity of the interaction of these design variables has become better understood and the need for a systematic approach to the problem of pavement design and management has become evident. This report is an attempt to apply this systematic approach to the design and management of low-volume Forest Service roads. The report summarizes the problem analysis efforts of the project staff, beginning with the identification of the problem through its recognition and definition. Using the FPS type of working Pavement Design System developed in Texas as a conceptual base, an extensive examination of the major subsystems that make up the majority of existing pavement management systems for "higher type" roads was conducted. In attempting to define these basic components for the proposed low-volume road system, it was found that interaction between the project research staff and Forest Service personnel was of great importance. This interaction was achieved in the form of an interagency "brainstorming session" and later an "importance rating" of the ideas presented at this meeting. The results of this interaction along with the research efforts of the project staff allowed for an initial definition of the major components in the proposed system. Where complete definition of these subsystems was not possible, relevant questions and ideas were formulated for consideration in their further development. Finally, an example conceptual pavement management system for low-volume roads that incorporates all the ideas and concepts developed during the past year's research is presented. It is concluded that the development of pavement management systems for low-volume Forest Service roads is indeed feasible and should be pursued in Phase II of the project. Recommendations for major areas of further research are also given.


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