Single-gender female urban middle schools : teachers' perceptions of factors for successful implementation




Lusk, Brian Christopher

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The aim of this study was to examine teachers’ perceptions of the factors for successful implementation of a single-gender female, urban middle school. The literature suggests there are benefits and drawbacks to the single-gender schooling model. Moreover, research indicates there are fewer benefits for boys than girls. While the literature illuminates there are more benefits for girls, little research outlines the specific factors for the successful implementation of the all-girls, single-gender urban middle school. Teachers involved in this qualitative case study were able to identify factors, share their experiences, identify challenges, and ways in which they addressed the challenges in implementing the all-girls, single-gender urban middle school. The study findings revealed the critical factor of staffing the school with a committed group of educators motivated to meet the instructional needs of the girls. Additionally, perceptions for factors of successful implementation of the single-gender middle school included administrative leadership and expectations as essential components, as well as staffing, professional development, campus culture, and a pilot program. Teachers’ experiences in implementing the single-gender middle school illustrated the importance of building positive relationships with the students and developing teaching strategies to meet the needs of the students. Teachers also faced challenges in implementing the all-girls school, including preparation and planning for lessons as well as consistency in procedures. Such challenges were addressed by building relationships, differentiating instruction, and creating an advisory period.


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