Updating weights of processes for weighted majority decisions in distributed systems




Seedhom, Yousif Faig

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In a distributed system many underlying nodes or processes work in tandem to come up with a solution to a given problem. In this report, we are concerned with distributed systems where each node is given the same problem, and the system uses the solutions provided by the nodes to formulate the answer. In our case, the problem is a simple question with two possible answers, and only one answer is correct. The system is asked the question at the beginning of a round. Once the system answers the question, the round is over, and the system is given the correct answer, then another round is started. To answer the question, the system uses the answers from each node, and based on the weight of the individual nodes, it decides on its answer. In this report, we experiment with multiple ways to update the weights of the underlying nodes, and aim to study the impact of certain limitations and parameters imposed on the system; such as the maximum accuracy of the underlying nodes and the number of underlying nodes.



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